24 July 2018

My sweetlicious ghost

Some things I stubbornly want to never forget. Like a kiss, a funny remark, even a frown filled with contempt. I was taking off my socks one day with Tudor by my side when he kissed my feet. Just like that. I smiled with surprise and joy. Tudor was waiting for more, looking at me all along. He finally asked for a confirmation:
"Was it sweetlicious(ro: A fost dulcios?)
Oh, my love, it surely was."

Tudor is always paying attention to what Cris and I are discussing, but he rarely interrupts. One time, we were having dinner and I was asking "cheese- hating" Cristian if he wanted to taste some cheese:
"Come on, Cris! Just try it! If you don't like it, you can throw it away.
Try it, Cris, it won't do you any harm. It's only cheese, it's not a carnivorous plant." says the lil brother.

Tudor's got daddy's looks and winning mentality. He is very good at playing tic-tac-toe, or board games in general. But very bad at losing. We always make a pact that he will not get mad if he doesn't win but the reality is he always breaks the deal.

He has my resilience and gratitude. He is always good at saying thank you and enjoying every little thing he gets as a gift. He's stubborn in the best ways, so every time he impresses me with something I pretend to be fainting from awe. He is giving me an imaginary shot while making a funny sound "bzzz". I tremble back to life and we always end up smiling about it. It's our little fun game.

Sometimes, immediately after he drinks a lot of water, he comes by my side and shakes his belly so we can hear the water sounds in his tummy.

We have plenty of other games, too. Like playing ghost in the house. Tudor's most priced possession is his blanky that he carries around the house and outside too when we travel. He covers himself in it and comes to find me while I do house chores:
"Mom, the loving ghost is here!", he announces.
I stop whatever I am doing, kiss him and hug the blanky ghost. Sometimes he asks me and Cris to join, so the 3 of us cover ourselves in blankets and go around the house.

Tud's got a memory like an elephant, a warm heart and arms made for hugging.  After one game of tic tac toe which I lost to him, he came looking for me:
"Mom, can I hug you? I'd like to hug you so you won't feel that bad about loosing"
Different day, another hug:
"Mom, I feel like holding this hug for a life time!" (ro: Imi vine sa tin imbratisarea asta pentru o viata)

There are so many others stories to tell about Tudor. And my words don't do them justice. But I don't want to let perfection stay in the way of my memories. I am not writing a master piece here. There are only 2 masterpieces I ever did. Tudor is my 2011 one. You could say I am currently still working on that. The reality is he has been working on making me better. I want to be a better person for him.

Happy birthday, my sweetlicious Tudor! I wish your life turns out to be as sweet and ambitious as you are! As for me, I will kiss your feet for as long as you allow me.

P.S. my love letter when he turned 5 , at 4 and 3

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