24 March 2018

Nailed it: Anti-Bleak

The weather is bleak right now and it was the same few weeks ago when we went looking for the sun in Morocco. Every good trip starts with a good manicure cause nice nails travel better. And sometimes the colour has just the right name: Anti-Bleak from OPI.

I left the snowflakes on my winter coat and flew to Marrakesh for a short vacation full of colourful tiles, dusty pink buildings, souks, spas and good feelings overall.

First stop in the Jemaa el Fna, I was adorned with henna but the final sprinkle of glitter was really the deal for the little girl inside me.

Between my henna tattoo and the flight back home, everything convinced me I want to come back for more. With that thought on my mind and 2 new rings on my fingers, I took one last sip of Africa, a pomegranate fresh juice.

I felt warm and pampered. I am a queen and so I should be treated*.

A trip a day keeps the doctor away!

*"You're a queen and so you should be treated" is from Shaggy's Angel

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