20 July 2016

My summer one-of-a-kind bag

Saying I like bags is an understatement. Saying I love bags is more accurate, however I try to keep my obsessions private. I take pride for my choice in bags as I am very picky and precise . The problem is I end up craving bags way out of my league. And I am normally left unsettled. Except this spring when I had this $1000 idea.

This wonderful MaxMara bag was all over women magazines. One day, between my sighs, I came up with a plan: buy a simple white bag (I chose one from Parfois) and have someone talented paint the seagulls. Weeks away, I own my custom made dream bag that costs 50 times less than the MaxMara one. 

Thanks a lot, Antonia, for painting it! I already have another idea for the fall-winter season, just saying.

A bag a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. how I name my bags for creative reasons, my favorite bags in 2015

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