12 tips for packing toiletries

Traveling feels like the ultimate luxury for me and the only luxury I dream of having as frequent as possible in this lifetime. So, with every opportunity I have, I try to make the best of it. Including packing as light as possible. I thought I'd share with you my "thinking/planning process" when it comes to packing toiletries:

  • invest in a nice cosmetic bag with a lot of compartments so that your staff stays organised until you reach your destination. Mine is Aqua and it is the souvenir I bought home from Bulgaria

  • although I use a brush on a daily basis I pack a comb for travelling to save space;
  • try to limit the liquids I carry for damage control, so I only use makeup removal wipes when travelling;
  • similarly, I pack one nail remover wipe so I can refresh my manicure if need be. Until recently I didn't even know they existed but this summer they were very useful, especially since you can find them packed individually. So they are a real space saver, not to mention the damage a liquid nail remover leakage can do;
  • carry a razor and a tweezers for all the hair that may surface in a well lighted hotel bathroom;
  • I usually don't wear makeup so I only have my lip gloss in my hand bag and I may also carry a lip balm or a lipstick for a more dramatic look (dramatic for me cause I normally only use gloss). But with all these space saved you can carry your makeup in the bag as well;
  • I kept the very little bag I was offered with cotton buds at the Hamam and refill it to capacity; or spare the small shower gel hotel containers, refill them and pack but only if I'm not staying in a hotel (which already provides soap or shower gel);
  • instead of my regular bottle of parfume, I carry samples that I purposely save for travelling. Not only they are saving space but they will be a nice surprise when I spray them on while away from home. They just add to the novelty part I adore about travelling;
  • don't skimp on cream cause the hotel one may be not that hydrating;
  • I leave any toiletries I can in the bag for easier packing the next time I travel: a spare toothbrush, my comb, cotton buds, nail remover wipes, etc;
  • I don't pack any jewelry lately, only wear what I have on me when I leave home. Especially since any trip is a good opportunity to explore and bring home new local pieces, instead of touristy souvenirs that clutter your home;
  • pack your favourite beauty panacea. A real multipurpose product. Inspired by Garance's post , this time it was rose water for me. Rose water can serve as : makeup remover, subtle perfume, thermal water spray substitute, natural anti-inflammatory and also hydrating. In winter I would most likely switch to olive oil.

And the bonus tip: don't worry if you leave something behind, you can live without any of the above except toothbrushes that you can find pretty much anywhere.

Enjoy your packing!

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