16 July 2018

Mini Parkour at Berca Mud Vulcanoes

Grown ups have places to see. Children have experiences to enjoy. This may well be the conclusion of our visit to the Mud Vulcones. But let me tell you how it started.

With a road trip and Tudor napping in my arms for the most part. I can't tell you how happy this made me feel. Every time this happens, now that he is 7, I think it will be the last one. It's one of the rare occasions I happily find out I am wrong.

Back to the mud now. Our destination was Sarata Monteoru but since the volcanoes were pretty close we decided to visit, together with my parents. Surprise, surprise! There were mud volcanoes there and lots of pictures taken. That was pretty much all, for most people. Not the 2 naughty boys in the family. They were curios about the mud, and the gases ...

... but even more curious about the scenery. It seemed extraterrestrial to me, this below says "moon walk" to me better than Michael Jackson.

We took some pictures but the fun was really a little bit further from the big volcano there.

The grown ups lost interest and got out of the reservation right about the time kids started exploring. I consider myself lucky to follow my kids. Cris started running around to the sides where nobody went to. He jumped around. A lot. Yes, I was concerned he could break a leg, literally. I even shared my concern with him. He chose fun over fear. And he pushed me to do so as well. I was there to support his bravery and enjoy a few jumps myself.

Look how happy Cris was! And  did you notice Tudor in the back?! He is always following his big brother's steps.

 Cris figured they were doing parkour.

He was so proud of himself and asked me to record a video. Big win, cause sometime he hardly lets me take a picture of him. Here is one of the videos, if you'd like:

Just like Cris wanted his videos, Tudor wanted a photo session.

They didn't wanna leave. Who knew that a Mud Volcano reservation would be the perfect playground  for the boys?! The world is their oyster. We should make our world a playground, too!

A jump a day keeps the doctor away!

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