2 January 2018

My 3 words for 2018

In an effort to switch from frustrating new year resolutions to new year guiding "lights", this is my sixth "3 words" exercise. I almost forgot about it and my first thought was : "Not this year!". But I soon realized all my yearly 3 words served me well. It only took 3 minutes to decide, as if they were waiting to see the light, be my torch in 2018:

PATIENCE may be as little as allowing Tudor 5 minutes to choose the first bed time story and still keep a smile on my face. In a world full of "last minute offers", we may feel the urge to rush in. We get bombarded with stimuli, responsibilities and expectations. We need some noise cancelling headphones to be able to let intuition sing. Deep within us answers are waiting, we need the patience to listen and find them.

PEACE is sometimes being able to stay still. Resist the urge to check off an item from my endless to-do list. On a deeper level, it is about balance. Forgiving myself for not being perfect. Allowing myself to be weak. Reaching for help. Basically being human and loving myself just because. Peace is when all of the above come together. It is the smile on my face when I go to sleep saying to myself: "Girl, you did good today!".

PASSION is the smile you wake up with. Is that thing calling you from inside. Some say is your inner child or fire. I see it as a strength that comes from inner peace and from knowing you have enough to give to others as well. Share tiny pieces of yourself to make your world a better place, one smile after another.

You see, smile is a theme here. Firstly because you shouldn't take yourself too seriously. And also because a smile is the least you can do to pay it forward.

May 2018 bring joy to your heart and may your smiles bring joy to the world!

P.S. if you don't know what this is about check my initial post from 2013, and my 3 words in 2017, 2016,  2015 and 2014. Also Chris Brogan's 3 words.

What are your 3 words for 2018? I'd love to hear.


  1. Faine cuvinte. La mulți ani și succes :*

  2. Great post! My 3 words for 2018 are: smile, strength, self-respect :)