11 October 2017

My Black Sea: Sun Up, Worries Down

My summer was not lazy nor crazy. I missed the craziness of a last minute ride to the sea followed by a lazy day on the beach. I longed for long dates with my couch watching Netflix late at night. Instead I was busy with unplanned house renovation due to minor water damage. As if this wasn't enough, September was knocking at the door , bringing Tudor's first day in school. This meant some new routines I needed to prepare and organize for. I felt overwhelmed with worries. There was just one thing that could put a stop to my irritating thoughts.
Yeap, it was our summer vacation.

At the seaside, the best part was staying away from the hotels we usually went to. This year we chose Casa de mare . For a week, we lived in a white wooden cabin in the forest, 2 minutes away from the sea. The pool tempted us on our way to the beach but we always  favored the Black Sea.

We were on the beach pretty much all day long. The entire family woke up early one morning to see the sunrise. Tudor was too cold to stay so I had to take him back to the cabin. Even so I still managed to get back and enjoy the show. 2 playful dogs kept us company. I imagine they get to see the sunrise everyday so that's why they were more interested in running around and having fun.

At sunset we took a walk to the other side of a cliff. We were curious to see what was around the corner. Unsurprisingly the scenery was the same: the beach, the sea, the seashells and some seagulls. Exactly what we came for to begin with.

Between sunset and sunrise there was a lot of bathing in the sea and lounging on the beach. Cristian was the one always in the sea, I was the one always on the beach and Tudor was going back and forth between the 2 of us.

My creative outburst, a rabbit, was nothing compared to the castle Cristian built with our neighbors on the beach. He was very sad that each night the cleaning tractor would ruthlessly demolish whatever he helped build over the day.

Sometimes we ate on the beach at Popasul Pescarilor, a fish restaurant nearby. Other times we revisited the restaurants we enjoyed in the past 7 years: Cafe Efendi Neptun, Insula and Paradisul Pescarilor - the best place to eat on a budget in Neptun.

After a delicious lunch, the 4 of us played mini golf for the first time. The competitive Tudor was very nervous at some point because he couldn't get the ball in, but eventually kids got medals and Tudor let go of his frustration.

For me the vacay state of mind was about flip-flops, my colorful Desigual bag; no cooking, just eating; having no idea what the time was. Even wearing shorts for first time since my body underwent significant amplitudes. I stripped myself from inside out. I was relieved to be able to unwind even though I knew busy times would follow immediately after. No worries, no makeup. I just kept my hat on and a swimsuit.

Sea is a promise. A promise to soak your worries away and just be. Thank you for always keeping your promises, Dear Black Sea! That's why we always come back for more.

"If I am ingrained in your memory, speak fondly of me" says the writing on this tetrapod. This story is how I kept my promise to you, Dear Black Sea!

Until we meet again!

P.S. The Catcher in the Hills , the first part of our summer vacation

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