18 August 2017

The unknown story of a red chair

One red chair made me stop and stare when I was hiking back from The Royal Sheepfold Glade (Stana Regala). It looked like Marina Abramovic set there during one of her performances. Just days before, I watched InnSaei on Netflix and it may be where this weird feeling was coming from. Abramovic, too.
I couldn't stop staring at a lonely red chair. The chair could not stop staring at the wall. I felt like there was more than met the eye. Somebody left it there under certain circumstances. It's a pity that some stories are left untold.

Days later, the red on green color scheme was still lingering on my mind. I looked for other red and green combos in a garden, first day of my summer vacation. I felt playful and curious. All vacations should start like this. Or, dare I say, all days.

This rotten tomato was my favorite. It's comforting to see imperfections around you as opposed to within you.

Some days I am looking for colors. Others, for inspiration. Most days I am looking for inner peace. On lucky days I find them all together.

An artistic sight a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. more art from my favorite Louise Bourgeois

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