27 July 2017

The Botanical Garden of Cluj-Napoca

The Botanical Garden of  Cluj-Napoca was opened for the public 92 years ago, in 1925. It was established by Alexandru Borza who was a priest but also the founder of geobotany in Romania. It is big, 14 hectares big. It even has a sector destined for persons with sight deficiencies, created recently in order to meet the community needs.

Truth be told, I was a little bit disoriented because of the garden's division in sectors. Knowing that it is such a big place I feared I'd miss one of its attractions. I only saw a map on my way back towards the entrance and my googling to find out more didn't bring much insight. It turns out I missed the Nursery right behind the big greenhouses and the medicinal herbs located a bit further away from the Water Tower.

Here are the main attractions, in no particular order:

The Japanese Garden

The big greenhouses were open at the time of my visit. And full of Depeche Mode fans talking about the concert about to happen that afternoon. There are 2 small greenhouses but they were not open that day. The museum right next to them was closed too. I would have liked to see the Herbarium in the museum, with its collection of 750 000 pressed plants. I remember I had to do one in the 5th grade.

The Roman Garden, known as Pliny's garden, is towered by the statue of the Roman goddess Ceres.

The water tower is open to the public and I think the view from the top is lovely. But after a long walk in the garden, I didn't have the curiosity to go up there. Next time, I hope.

Around the garden

The entrance

Lovely place all around but I admit I liked the snapdragons the most. We call them the lion's mouth. Not the most spectacular plant in the garden but definitely the one that reminded me of my childhood. To my childhood and back is the best time travel. Wherever that is.

A flower a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. more flowers, on the other side of the ocean, in San Francisco

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