12 June 2017

Where Do Afternoons Land?

"- Where do they go? The airplanes we never take?
 - I always wander the same thing, anytime I see one.
 - I always think that they go to a place I've never been. They go somewhere else."
 (The Young Pope,episode 8)

Where do they go? The airplanes we never take?

I find myself wandering the same while looking at planes flying freely in the sky. Once in a while I  happen to be on a plane that takes me somewhere else. And somewhere else may well be San Francisco. For a weekend I had the city for myself. Or even better, San Francisco had me all for himself. It was my favorite place in US and I sure hope he liked me too, enough to bring me back to him again sometime, anytime. It doesn't even have to be soon.

Saturday, I saw a little bit of everything and decided what I  wanted more of on Sunday. I chose The Golden Gate Park. I guess I have my intuition to thank for one of  my favorite afternoons.

Conservatory of Flowers

"If you go to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair". I saw so many wonderful flowers that I couldn't possibly carry around on my head. In my head, they are still there, the flowers and the butterflies from the Conservatory of Flowers. The building is so beautiful they say that, during the day, the Conservatory can shine like a million suns.

Here is a video with more photos and the famous song, if you'd like:

I ended my visit surrounded by butterflies, with one sweet little butterfly resting on my pink coat lining. A lady there told me it was a sign of good luck.

The stroll in the park

With a map in my hands I was focused and distracted at the same time. Focused because I wanted to visit The Japanese Tea Garden and distracted by other sites on my way.

The Japanese Tea Garden

I stayed away from the museums in the park and got to The Japanese Tea Garden 1 hour before closing. Just in time to see it all and finally eat something. When you get so many new things, food becomes optional, and that's something I needed to learn again on my own.

I managed to grab dinner 5 minutes before closure but I was not in a hurry. I let the garden sink in between crusty rice snacks with fortune cookies, Arare, and warm Miso Soup. I had Dorayaki for dessert, Japanese pancakes filled with red bean paste. It was OK, not as interesting as it sounded but still ok. Truth is I now have less memories of how the food tasted but vivid memories of how happy and serene I was, having dinner in The Japanese Tea Garden. It was as interesting as it sounds.

On my way out, I found a less busier park and I took one of my favorite photos, The Conservatory of Flowers at sunset.

So, "Where do afternoons land?". On Sunday, February 26, 2017, one afternoon landed in San Francisco, The Golden Gate Park. The rest are memories and the best is yet to come. Always!

Flower Power all the way, wherever you are!

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