20 June 2017

She who rises early gets the crown

Remember this ?! 2 mildly tanned boys saying "Welcome back" to school and kindergarten? 9 months fast forward school year is over. When I say fast, I mean really fast. So fast I could barely hear my thoughts most days. I have selective hearing when it comes to my thoughts. On school nights I can only hear about what the boys schedule looks like, what will they eat/ wear/ prepare for the next day. Any other thoughts are left behind, at the back of my head. Where I can find them on vacation. Thoughts are waiting patiently, time doesn't.

I see some gladioli in a vase last weekend. They remind me of the end of school year festivities because my mother used to buy gladioli for my teachers. Nostalgia sets in but I have no time for it. The last week of school is so busy I have to write down my lists so I can do it all.

Last day of School, Cristian is a little bit bothered by the floral wire. I get to thinking about how we only appreciate this silly things years away. Or when we don't have a flower crown and the big brother has it. Then we get to try it on and  ask mom to take a picture.

And you know what?  I deserve a flower crown too. With nobody around to give me one, I do the unthinkable and steal the crown from Cristian. I must admit, it is as uncomfortable as Cris complained about. But I am happy to wear it anyway. Hubby is a little bit embarrassed about taking my picture. I am the only grown up wearing flowers on my head in the middle of a school yard full of well deserving kids. I am nowhere near embarrassed. I made it!

I made it through 157 early mornings. Congratulations to me!

A flower crown a day keeps the doctor away!

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