4 June 2017

A wet start of the summer

Dear parents,

The days when we get to do everything we want to are: children's day, Christmas and our birthdays. You can't resist because these are celebrations very important to us.

Cristian & Tudor

This was the note Cristian cooked for us, the dear parents, 2 nights before Children's Day. The day before, they asked me about presents. Presents, really? All the experts out there say presence is what counts. Joke aside, I was grateful for the reminder and I did what I had to do. Tough job. To find something more interesting than a video game. Reality is rarely as interesting as video games are. It must have been one of my lucky days cause water guns materialized in front of me just when I was entering the first toy story. I made an exception and bought 2 identical ones to spare me from any "give me yours and I'll give you mine".

With presents all sorted out, I don't know what got into me and I asked them a silly question: "If given the choice and you could do whatever you want to do on June 1, what would it be?" Surprise, surprise, the answer was unlimited video games time. Oh my, of course I could not resist, according to the bulletin.

Surprise, surprise, June 1, Tudor is waking up around 6 am and is heading right to his device. I hate it but for one day, I let him have it his way. I can only hope I'll have my way two days later when somebody is celebrating her birthday.

Back to Children's day. We have a sweet family breakfast with our version of banana french toast, if such a think exists.

With short breaks of water fun, they were still glued to their devices. I had to do something about it so we can have some real life fun. The kind of fun I am still enjoying as opposed to the 3 men in the house.

My only option was making an offer they couldn't refuse: going out to eat some Spaghetti Carbonara. Off we went to a park where kids could run free during our waiting time.

There was running around and there was rain too, which made it all so much more interesting.

Since Cris went out in the rain it was only natural that Tud followed shortly.

Next time I promise I will be on the other side of the phone, having my share of wet, wet running around. Let it rain, let it rain!

A rainy afternoon can be fun too.

Happy Children's Day, everyday!

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