17 April 2017

After the Rain Comes Sun

This Easter, stars aligned. I've had my sweet family, sweet food, sun and rain. All together. Even fire in the garden. Cristian gathered some leaves and set them on fire to complete the cleaning. I tought it was the coolest thing for him to do, with adult supervision, of course. Indoors, with no fire, we gathered around the TV, to watch the most disgusting movie series I know. Yeap, it was "Pirates of the Caribbean". It looked filthy to me but there were some funny scenes which made the boys laugh out loud.

I felt bored at some point and boredom felt itchy. I said to myself: "Listen, girl! It will be a long, long time from now until you get bored again. So better enjoy it now, while it lasts!".  I took my time, I smelled the flowers and took some pictures in between. There was sun and there was rain afterwords, but it sounds better the other way around.

Rain was an invitation for me to slow down, cuddle inside and just be. Seeing the photos I just took outside, I was mesmerized by the rain drops I captured.

It was also Easter when I realized I have 600 posts out there. With this 601, I give you flowers and some rain drops to remind you that after the rain comes sun.

Stay merry and thank you for reading!

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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