30 March 2017

No limit : Florida Kennedy Space Center

The Space Adventure

February 20 was a big step for me. I got the closest I will ever get to Space and I almost saw a rocket launch. I missed it by 1 hour, can you believe that?! The launch's initial date was February 19, before my landing in Florida. It was rescheduled because of a minor glitch but I didn’t find out about it in time.

Truth be told, if given the opportunity to see either a SpaceX rocket launch or Elon Musk, I would wholeheartedly choose Musk. Because he seems as cool as a rocket launch from a distance: appealing, smart, determined and successful. Yeap, rocket science is sexy in my book and with no Musk in sight I was left with a "not so bad after all" day at Florida Kennedy Space Center. A nice start to my US adventure.

Greatest space adventure on Earth is the promise of the center and I agree. “The simulation of the space shuttle’s eight-and-a-half-minute ascent into orbit! Enter the heart of space shuttle operations for a prelaunch briefing by veteran space shuttle commander Charles Bolden. Once on board, experience what veteran NASA astronauts call the next best thing to flying aboard the space shuttle."

There are several mission zones, each bringing its own flavor to the mix of space exploration:

Heroes & Ledgends where I was impressed with the Rocket Garden outside. And even more impressed with this little guy visiting with his grandparents. They pointed out at a picture of an astronaut on a wall: "Look, here is daddy!". I could not help but wander what bad time stories would an astronaut tell to his little boy.

Behind the gates  was the part where a bus took us to the historic launch sites, the place where it all happens. The VAB, Vehicle Assembly Building, is the largest single-story building in the world. The place where Saturn V and Space Shuttle were assembled and where SLS (Space Launch System) will also be put together.

This is the place where the visitors stay to watch a launch.

Race to the moon is where you can find a ton about Project Apollo, stand under the the largest rocket ever flown, Saturn V, and experience its firing room.

Shuttle – a ship like no other was the shuttle launch simulator.

 Nasa now and next

The prequel : Big versus Infinite

A few months back, on the other side of the Atlantic, I was picking up Tudor from kindergarten. He was telling me about the Universe, things he just learnt that day. Trying to keep up with him I said: "There is so much to know about the Universe because it is so big". He finally paused for 1 second and said back to me  "No mom, the Universe is infinite, not big". One of those Kodak moments when I got so proud I could barely speak.

Back to my own learning experience about Space. Passing by the Kennedy fountain on my way out KSC, I wished the fountain were magic. I had 2 wishes in mind. For Tudor and Cristian to always know "sky's the limit". And also for the 2 of them to get to visit this inspiring place one day.

The sequel : 2 songs into my childhood and back

A month after my visit, I am trying to wrap up this post. With the limitless idea on my mind I search for 2 Unlimited "No limit" 1993 song to accompany my writing. The next song YouTube suggests is Snap "Rythm is a Dancer". I watch the video and see some rockets there. One google away, I find out it was shot at Kennedy Space Center, in the Rocket Garden. 25 years ago, in Romania, a girl was dancing in front of the mirror while listening to "Rythm is a Dancer" on repeat. This year she was there where Snap was. Sky's the limit. That girl needs to always remember that.

A dream a day keeps the doctor away!

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  1. Sky's the limit and we should always be brave dancers! I love this post. And you! <3