13 March 2017

Nailed it - CIA

Having spent more than 2 weeks in the promised land I am now settling back into my life. More to cope with than the expected jet lag. My mind is divided between memories of my US trip and thoughts around my daily tasks now that I am back being a working mom. I never stopped being a mom. However for 17 days I was a lucky mom with enormous chunks of time for herself. Which I enjoyed to the fullest. Sometimes in a childish way like visiting SeaWorld in Orlando, my first destination. 

I had a shark tank experience with a little fear inside but the right nails to fight it: OPI, CIA. And CIA comes from Color is Awesome. "A smart, dusky blue for secret agent fashionistas". The adventure park was awesome too and I'll share some more in the following days. It all starts with the right nails, at least for me.

A mani a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. other awesome colors

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