20 February 2017

Winter Alphabet

Alain de Botton is my latest crush. "Love is skill rather than enthusiasm" says his latest book "The Course of Love". So reading this now I hope I am upskilling in the love department.
Bag I'm dreaming about: Anya Hindmarch rainbow perforated bag. Because the perforation is something I am planning on doing soon as a DYI. Another one of a kind bag work in progress
Chef to be, Cristian, cooked mini pizzas for us and they were yummy. Proud mama!
Dreaming about a Lego Land visit with the boys.
Eating healthy food most days to stay away from food guilt.

Favorite fashion interest: coats because it is still chilly here.
Game I have been playing: "Catan for kids".
Home crave: Cipria pink sofa I could enjoy in a room of my own. Since I don't have the room I can live just well without the sofa.
Inspired by Seth Godin. Always.
Joyful about an unexpected travel opportunity which will make dreams come true.

Knowing that suffering is an excessive focus on yourself: "I forgive myself and I accept myself, I release who I used to be. I am new."
Listening to Where's the revolution on repeat. Because Depeche Mode forever!
Mind Games- favorite boots from a very eccentric Irregular Choice.
Nail polish I love because of its hues of glitter and name: Fire Escape Randezvous, Breakfast at Tiffany's collection.
OA, a Netflix original series, didn't seem like my type but I could not step away from it. Watched the complete 8 episodes in 1 go.

Philosopher Cris is pondering upon human condition and nature. To make a long story short the first thing Tudor told Santa when he met him before Christmas was that he injured his leg when we were on vacation at the seaside. I don't remember this but obviously it was a big thing for Tudor to remember it 3 months after it occurred. Days later, he tapped on our cat in a way she didn't enjoy so she slapped him gently. It was more about the scare because there was no mark. He played the big guy and while he had tears in his eyes he told me he was ok. I encouraged him to speak up when something is bothering him. This is where Cris came in and told Tud he should not keep things to himself because bad feeling make you said  and people wouldn't want to be around you anymore.

Question I ask myself more these days to sort things out: "How does this make me feel?".
Reading mood lately: The Spy by Paulo Coelho, Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankel, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Man's Search for Meaning came highly recommended, now I pass on the recommendation to you.
Snow in Sahara made me think that even the things that seem so remotely possible can happen sometimes.
The People v O.J. Simpson - the latest series I watched on Netfilx.

Video I made of our little adventure in the mountains at 1800m high. We were there 3 years ago so we came back for more fun.

Wanting to never ever yell at me kids again. That's the newest challenge I'm taking on.
Zen from mentally planning things in advance so my full days won't take me by surprise.

What were you up to this winter?

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