5 February 2017

Hats, shopping and the story

Starting on the wrong foot

- Honey, we should check the dress you wanted on NYE, says my generous husband while we are in front of the Massimo Dutti store at AFI mall. That's one offer I can't refuse. 
2 minutes away, having checked 3 racks of clothes on sale, patience is running low on the hubby side:
- I thought we were shopping for me today! says the big bad wolf. It was as if aliens kidnapped my generous husband and brought me a  beast instead.
- Hello, you said we should enter the store, remember?

I remain quiet afterwards and follow him around like a good dog. After 2 pair of jeans and 5 pairs of socks the beast is satisfied. He unleashes me and allows me to go shopping. Provided that I take the boys with me. He needs to smoke and children and smoking don't go well together.
- Oh master, how kind of you! A brief shopping session with a 8-year old and a 5-year old fighting between the aisles is more than I've ever wished for. I sniff vapors of rage though my nostrils better than Thomas the tank engine.

Ending with the right hats

I proceed, a Ted's coffee in one hand and 2 kids in the other. I kind of lost my appetite for shopping but since I'm here I might as well give it a try. We enter the shop that says pamper to me rather than  reckless spending: Oysho. As we enter the store there's this sheep hat winking at Cristian and he puts it on right away:
- Can we buy it, please?
- Are you sure you want this? It may look a little bit childish and I know you like big kids stuff now.
- I love it, mom, says Cristian while he checks his smiling face in the mirror with the sheep on his head.
He's sold. I'd better pay quick. But, wait! He wants to look around some more because of all the fluffiness around. I would like something for myself as well. This fancy little purse winks at me and I have to bring it home. Together with the softest gray blanket, a pair of red slippers inviting me to hug my loved ones and a gray and burgundy woolly hat.

Miraculously Tudor wanders quietly through the store as Cristian goes on and on:
- I love this store, mom! while touching all the puffy stuff around.
Tudor deserves something too so I show him an adorable cat hat. It has whiskers and little years that pop. He immediately welcomes it with a smile. He likes playing Otto the dog at home, now he can play cat outside.

3 hats away and a full shopping bag I realize I just had my first shopping spree with the boys. Cristian can't stop talking about Oysho and since he looks so excited I promise him we will make this a tradition and come back for the summer sales.

In the meantime aliens came back for the big bad wolf and brought hubby back. As we meet again, he looks at Cristian's sheep hat and asks:
- Isn't this a little girly for you?
- That's fine dad, this store brought out the girl in me.

We smile at each other. Whatever anger was there in the first place is now replaced with love sparkles in our eyes. That's what parenting brings on a good day.

A shopping spree a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. "Sex, Shopping and the Novel" by Alain de Botton inspired my title. I am now reading his latest book, "The Course of Love".

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