20 January 2017

The celebration tray or how I mothered a tradition

The pregnancy

One late evening, on my way back home, I went wild. Not that wild, just "usual work night" wild. I dropped my worries about Cristian's homework and decided to live a little. My staying late at work paid off with something that felt like a small personal victory. It was only natural to share my joy with the 3 men waiting for me home.

The labor and birth

An idea was born in my mind and I had to bring it to life. I bought the Arizona ice tea my boys like but aren't normally allowed to drink and some butter madeleines. Once I got home I explained the boys where my joy came from and told them I wanted to celebrate. My hubby was not feeling well so he was a distant observer to the preparation part. Tudor didn't pay attention at all probably busy with the tablet. Thanks God for Cristian who was all in from the start. He helped me set the celebration tray and came up with some ideas of his own. A candle was his first suggestion, being the romantic he is, but daddy ruled against it from a distance. He brought a sparkler instead and a dotted saucer especially for me. Glasses were clinked and a family tradition was born.

The raising

It was short and sweet. Cristian was already making plans for his own celebration anytime soon. I was picturing us around the same celebration tray, 10 years from now. Raising a family is so much more than raising kids. It's also about family traditions to serve as sweet memories. You know me,  "I need my memories, they are my documents"

A celebration a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. the surprise unbirthday party