16 January 2017

The day I found what my talents are

Today was one of those days where nothing came easy. I even had a hard time convincing Cris and Tud to go see a movie. We eventually did so and it was really a lovely movie: Vaiana (Moana). What happened before and after the movie was complicated but there was also a conversation.
On our way back home, yet one more walk through our neighbourhood the following came out of nowhere, just like my singing:

 - After all that singing and dancing in the movie, I feel like singing too, if I were talented at it, said I explaining my singing in the street to the boys.
 - But you have your own talents. You are talented at being a mum, said Cris. And you are smart, too.
 - Yes, mum, you are talented, quickly added Tud, cause he is always following Cris's every step and word.
 - Really? What are my talents, Tud?
 - You have the talent of loving and the talent of cleaning.

Needless to say I was yet again left speechless. In the midst of all the brotherly disputes I must be doing something good to have my sons speak so generously about me. 

Note to self: do less cleaning myself.

A conversation a day keeps the doctor away!

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