24 January 2017

Pimp my bags: fancy, fluffy, flowery

In an effort to tame down my obsession with bags, I "invested" in some bag accessories this sales season. So I won't have to overcome my bag boredom with a new bag purchase. Unless I must. And sometimes I really must. Some bags wink at me and there is a special connection between us and I have to bring them home. Like the ones below that underwent a face lift:

The Musette bag I see too much of in the area where I work. So I had to do something to make it special. This flowery bag strap can be worn with other bags I have too and goes just fine with jeans. Love, love, love... Bag strap by Il Passo.

This is my fall-winter 2017 purchase. The blanky look convinced me. The bag is by Esprit and fluffy accessory by Il Passo.

Bag layering is a trend for 3 years now. It was high time I adopted it. Truth is this fancy little purse was an impulse buy I don't regret. It came from where I least expected it, Oysho . Only days after, I realized I could pair it with my feeling H&M bag. Guess I bought another feeling, dear Seth Godin.

What are you shopping for this time of the year?

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