17 December 2016

What I really, really want

Dear Santa,

I've had more than my share of sweets this year so no candies for me, please. I suppose everybody is asking you for world peace and good health. Of course these are always on my mind but, this year, for once, let's make it about me only. I'm making a list, checking it twice so, If I could have anything and everything this Christmas, here is what I'd like:
  • a full day with A: from dawn to dusk, breakfast to dinner with everything in between, without any distractions;
  • the books of all the people I follow. Don't worry Santa, I'll make a list for this as well;
  • speaking of people I follow, lunch with Seth Godin, my biggest inspiration;
  • minus 10 kilos;
  • an exquisite bag, always on my list;
  • a surprise getaway for my parents because they are me and I am them;
  • a magazine subscription to Porter;
  • Flowerbomb, eau de parfum
  • 100 followers for my blog's facebook page.
Thanks a lot,

So, what do you really, really want? Have you thought about it lately? Would be great to share your wishes in the comments here. Santa's watching and waiting.

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