7 December 2016

Saying something stupid like...

It all started with something stupid. I had just left the house to meet some friends when my high heel broke. Superstition says it's a sign you'll meet the one. Right then for me it was a sign I had to get back home and change. Little did I know it was going to be the night that changed my life.

12 years ago I had my last first kiss. I admit I fantasize about having a first kiss again, or, more "politically" correct, a kiss that feels like a first one. Oh, those stupid romantic fantasies women have! 

12 years into our relationship our story feels more of a comedy than a romantic one. Dark comedy because often times I think bad thoughts about my husband. I am a bad girl, what can I say, not in that way, though.

Today is not about me. Today I honor the man that made me a fiance, a bride, a dog and a cat owner, and above all, a mother. 2 times because if it were up to me I'd never stop having kids.

Some days I think about divorce. However, the last 12 years, I never met a guy who seemed better for me than A. I love the very few words we need to agree on the little things in our lives. I like his confidence, generosity and luck. I like the trips he plans for us and the "You are so pretty" compliments coming when I think I deserve them the least. I even like his aggressiveness because I need my man to dominate me.

If there is one thing I hate about him is the smoking that puts a closed door between him and the rest of the family.

What I love most about him: he is honoring the commitment he made 10 years ago. I'm sure he was too young then to know what he was getting into. I'm also sure I haven't been the perfect wife. I just hope I will always be the one and only wife for him. He's still the one for me. All that matters is that WE ARE.

Happy birthday, honey!

P.S. Honey is our song and Something Stupid is a favorite of mine.
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