6 December 2016

Saint Nicholas Eve

It was one of those special days kids wait for and talk about months in advance. This is why I decided to make it so that my kids will enjoy it as much as possible. I tweaked the St. Nicholas tradition and left the presents on the window sill before kids got home. Growing up I always welcomed St. Nicholas the night before and not in the morning. Which is perfect for a school night.

To my surprise, Tudor spotted the gifts 2 minutes after the boys got home. He first asked if I put those things there, and I pretended I know nothing about it. A very rare occasion of white lie, otherwise I never lie to my kids.

To make a long story short, we went wild: we shared 2 bags of chips while watching cartoons past TV curfew time, we ate sandwiches in front of the TV even though we had a cooked dinner in the fridge and played some more after TV time. The long afternoon ended with a good bath which the boys enjoyed possibly the most. Ocean blue water was the star of the night.

We had joy, we had fun, we had children in the bathtub. I wanted to give them a little extra something to enjoy besides sweets. I chose a personalized Christmas snow globe and some bath products: foam, a magic towel. The fizzing bath ball that colored the water blue was what they liked most. I had a really hard time convincing them to remove the bathtub drain stopper as they didn't want the special water to drain away.

When preparing the gifts for the boys I added a little something for the parents as well to make the tradition more convincing. However my special present was brought to me by Cristian: 
- Mags, you got the smallest present even though you are the best/most dutiful of us all (ro: "cea mai cuminte")

There was no time left for bedtime stories but we created our story just the way we like it.

A present a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. a great gift for kids and another wanderful compliment from Cristian

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