30 October 2016

Ahead of time- my experience with TEDxBucharest

My day at TEDxBucharest was a luxury to begin with. A day of my own to immerse in bright ideas. It ended up being like the speed dating session I never had. But with dreams, not men. Some dreams charmed me more than others. I heard stories about success against all adds, medical innovation, trend watching, feminism, sociology research, volunteering, LiFi, bio hacking, implants and digital lifestyle, resilience, autonomous technology and VR. Pretty interesting topics, but what I really liked best were the questions I was left with:

Which dots will you connect?
What will your customers want next?
When did you last see a statue of a woman?
Who are you mentoring?
What is your story?
What would you do if money were no issue?
Why do we work?
How can we raise hapy/balanced kids?
What is your life's mission?
What is consciousness?
How are you remarkable/worth making a remark about?

When I came back home, Tudor climbed on my back to fall asleep. Which I absolutely adore. As I felt his weight falling asleep on me, I also felt the weight of all these questions still left unanswered.

How can we all prepare for the future? How can we be ahead of time?

A question a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. 12 things I need to be happy

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