4 September 2016

Style Notes to Self: September

1. What I would like to wear this fall: a floral print I have on a Zara dress (the one in the picture is from latest H&M add) and pink, because I've always liked this colour. Especially this fall when Rose Quarts is one of the 2 Pantone colours of 2016.

2. Sweater cue not to take myself too seriously and add playfulness hints to some of my outfits.

3. A tiara because the inner strength women demonstrate these days should be toned down with princessy details on the outside.

4. Same Diesel bag, 2 versions. I can't decide which I like most.

5. I don't have it in me to wear such dark lipstick but I plan to use some bold lipstick shades this fall.

6. A Musette bag I love because of the wide, studded, shoulder strap. Colour and print are also nice. I plan to make it mine as soon as it will be on sale in January. The wait will make the buying/having even better.

7. A reminder to wear colourful details just like I've always liked.

8. There's been no addition to my ring collection this year. This Pandora ring is nice enough to bring it home with me.

9. Special occasions ask for special outfits. Dressing appropriately and leaving the everyday style rut is surely easier said than done.

10. This KIKA patchwork bench would look very nice in our hallway.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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