12 September 2016

Back to school '16

By the time I am writing this, well into the night, I am sure you are all fed up with back to school photos on FB. I am, too. But this is not for today and it is not for anybody else other than me. Truth is I can't remember any of my back to school days, although I remember I liked getting back to school. In case this happens for my 2 boys, they will have the www to go back to. I will surely do so when I won't get to walk them to school anymore. So I am privileged now and this is how things should go in history.

To begin with, my fridge never looked better than last night. I should switch from flowers on my kitchen counter to flowers in the fridge. They are such a lovely surprise and nobody could tell you anymore that your fridge is empty. Note to self: make sure to buy edible ones next time.

Tadaa, the classic picture. It may look easier to take than it really is cause kids don't normally just pose. Luckily it was too early in the morning and they were partially numb.

I love the shirt on shirt combo I prepared for Tudor, provided that the collars are different. A little self praise didn't hurt anyone, did it?!

The most heated moment of the day, other than the pile of clothes I had to iron at 6am in the morning, was Cristian's joy when he met his best friend from school. I was happy to see it was mutual and witness their excitement.

Notice Cristian's face after a lot of time in the spinning wheel. And of course he didn't like me taking pictures of himself. Of course it didn't bother me at all cause sometimes I don't like stuff he does to me. And we are far from even.

Same parks after school, same stunts. I love the routine of it all, the things we do while we are waiting for Tudor to finish his short day at kindergarten.

Tudor was very happy with his day. We visited some more playgrounds and of course there was room for some brotherly disputes along the way.

Boys will be boys and first days of school will always be special. In the midst of it all, I found peace in the shadow marks on the playground's carpet. I wish my school year was as serene as this photo looks to me.

 May you find peace and sun and shadow wherever you are! Happy school year to you!

P.S. back to school day in 2015 and 2014.

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