25 August 2016

Now and Then: When magic begins

Summer of 16

Sitting on a bench watching my kids play in the playground is not one of my favorite things to do. I believe it's not one of the boys' favorite either. Most of the times we get the chance, we wander around our neighborhood. It may sound boring, there are a lot of blocks of flats, not that many gardens. Yet, we always find something interesting. Provided that we take our curiosity on the road with us. And we always do. 

This is how we found this fruit and later on the tree where it came from. I've never seen it before. Do you know what it is? We don't, so we are still fascinated with it.

Most of the times the boys have some sort of a vehicle with them. You can imagine their joy when they find a puddle. They even ask for my permission to go through it and, of course, I say yes. What could be more fun?

Other times we see peculiar things like a single house hidden between blocks of flats, or a pigeons cage hidden in plain view on top of a 8 storey building. Who knew somebody raises pigeons 3 blocks away from us?! Few days ago I spotted a small moss mat. Cristian was quick to tell me it indicates the North while Tudor was hesitant to touch it first.

Summer of 15

More than a year ago, another walk around. Cristian tasted honeysuckle for the first time. I taught him the proper way to get the juice out of it just like I did when I was his age.

Here the boys found some big pinecones and they were having a walk break, resting. We must have walked for quite a while that day.

My favorite find is this mural, "When you sleep, the magic begins".

When you walk, the magic begins. When you search, the magic begins.

A magic walk a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. now and then Sibiu, on top of the hill

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