1 August 2016

Cristian, the articulate explorer

On Cristian's 8th birthday, A.'s announcement took me by surprise: "You know his 7 years at home , good family upbringing, is done, don't you?!" I went straight to panic mode, which seldom happens to me. I never thought of this before. " How come I didn't realize this sooner" Other questions were rapidly pumping in my head: Did I do a decent job at educating him? What did I miss? Was I a good enough mom? and some more I can't even remember.

Needless to say it was too late for questions. The foundation of the man he's turning to is all set now. I can only hope I equipped him well for life.

The way I see him, at 8, there are 2 things that set him apart: he is an explorer and he is good with words. My heart fills with joy when I see how curious he is about all things in nature. He had his share of fun this summer, but what he really likes best is his time in the countryside where he is now.  It may be because of the novelty of the experience, the nature's little wanders or the freedom that goes with all these. Whatever the reason, I only hope he keeps his curiosity alive. It comes at a cost for me. Raising a kid who isn't obedient is not the easiest thing to do. I am confident it will pay off in the long term, though.

When it comes to words, thoughts and feelings, Cristian keeps on surprising me. He says things in the range of " Good luck at work!" on a daily basis to " I give you my heart, mom". All these over the phone while he is away with my parents now. Or, when we are together, he looks at me in wander and says: "How could you be so cute, mom"

Sometimes he leaves me speechless:

I was quite upset one day because he didn't do what I told him to do, I took it personally that day. He did his way and then noticed how sad I was about it. He came to me, eyes watered in tears, and he said: "Even though I made you sad I am very grateful for everything you have done for me and for everything you will continue to do for me in the future" and he said that with a flower in his hand.

When we took the boys for a vacation with my parents and we were saying our goodbys Cristian said " We love you and we cherish you" (Ro: "Va iubim si va pretuim"). 

The full story here is he also knows all the bad words a kid his age could know. He is certainly rich in words. I am certainly rich in love for the past 8 years now. Thank you for everything you brought to my life, Cristian! 

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