13 July 2016

Summer of '16: Fratii Jderi

Last week was full of wanderous things during our stay at Fratii Jderi. It's the place to be to get recharged, the owners call it The Green Utopia. For me it was about freedom, creatures of nature we don't normally get to see around us, happy kids and grateful parents. Little adventures were everywhere around: a scorpion, a fire fly, lizards, frogs all sizes, dragonflies, beautiful flowers, camp fires and 4 lovely dogs who deserve a post of their own.

Cristian was happy to be the hero of a big frog who was scared and stuck in a larder.

There was a lot of excitement around a scorpion which was kept in captivity under a glass in the bathroom during our stay. The lizard Cristian caught after a few days of trying won him 50 ron because he had a bet with his dad. The dragonfly was surrounded by curious kids which don't normally get to see one every day. Can you spot the lizard in the second photo?

The pool had an extraordinary view which the kids didn't care much about. But they did enjoy the pool quite a lot.

Both Cristian and Tudor were thrilled about the days we spent there and were sad when we left. This is how they said good bye.

Cristian set his mind to have a place like this of his own when he grows up. Never to early to start dreaming, isn't it? And never too late to make dreams come true.

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