30 July 2016

Kids base in Trivale woods

After a 2 week vacation with my parents at Slanic Moldova, I thought my boys needed some time to slow down. I asked them if they wanted us to see a movie together. They chose to play outside once again, in Trivale woods. They missed the place where, last summer, they built their "base", something like a camp with a shelter, a fire and some imaginary walls around which are actually made of big logs.

I watched them play for hours there asking, from time to time, if they wouldn't want to go home and have lunch. They needed no food, everything a kid wanted was there. Free play, imagination coming to life, little branches and big logs, and dare I say their mother. I told them out loud what a nice camp they built and thought to myself there is still hope, this is how childhood should look like.

This is one of my favorite things to do in the summer, going back to my hometown where I get to enjoy childhood again with my 2 boys and my parents all together.

A childish joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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