8 May 2016

The Surprise Unbirthday Party

Saturday started out like any other ordinary day. I bought Cristian a box of kinetic sand, something he was telling me about for a long time now. Once we got back home, I unexpectedly entered Wonderland. The boys threw me a birthday party, without any notice. They asked me how old I am just minutes before, but I had no clue what they were preparing for. C and T entered the living room very ceremoniously, holding the sand cake and singing "Multi ani traiasca!" ("Happy birthday to you"). Imagine how stunned I was while listening to my sweet boys singing this song and it wasn't even my birthday. There are no words to describe how I felt and how I still feel about all this a day after.

They put together a little table with what they found around so I could have the cake right in front of me. I blew the candles, of course.

They brought me presents as well, everything girly they could find among their toys: some superflizzes from Cristian and a kinder surprise princess from Tudor.

They cut the cake and served it. They wanted me to have the dotted plate cause it was the cutest. Cristian gave me another present: the tree he made Friday, at school. Tudor wanted to top that, so he had another present for me too: a house he built a while ago. Just like that I had a new house with a garden.

The third round of presents started with a grenade from Tudor. Cristian told him weapons are not for girls but he immediately changed his mind. He said girls should be able to protect themselves, and this is why there are many girls in his Aikido class. With that in mind, he gave me a gun. I am all set now, protected as never before.

Of course there is no party without dancing, at least not in our house. We danced like crazy people on Toca Toca , Love yourself, Doo Wop (That thing) and whatever else we could find on TV. We wrapped the party only to go out and have more fun at Spotlight. What a day!!!

A Very Merry Unbirthday to you, too!

P.S.some funny things kids say, when Cristian told me I am a queen or a princess.

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