2 May 2016

Oh so quiet

Heart shaped goodbyes from the car, when boys left on vacation

The boys were away for a week, on vacation, consequently:
  • I had just myself to dress in the morning;
  • I ate junk food from McDonalds (I'm not proud but I enjoyed it);
  • my meals were exactly want I planned them to be, not the leftovers from the boys;
  • at night, it was safe to walk in the house with the lights off, no toys to stumble upon;
  • no school runs/homework/preparation;
  • going out with no guilt for not kissing them goodnight;
  • watched all episodes of "The Ranch" because Ashton and lots of good jokes. 
Above all, it was quiet, in the house and in my head. No constant planning for the day ahead. There were pauses between my thoughts and even boredom. When you're a parent boredom is the ultimate luxury. Thinking what to do next, something that you personally enjoy. And, equally luxurious, going to bed and waking up at hours that are your choice...

Now that they are back home, the best part was laughing while they wrestled on the park's carpet, letting them solve their problems themselves. It takes a recharged battery to be able to say to yourself: " Relax, C won't really choke T, he seems to breath quite well!".  Boys will be boys and happiness is always right after the gap.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. On romantic movies, The Good Wife and marriage

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