21 May 2016

My favorite place in Bucharest

Bucharest celebrates the Night of the Museums today. It's already the 4th one for C and T. We started early this morning, with a visit to the National Technological Museum because it hosted a Lego exhibit. Afterwards we spent a good 4 hours in the Carol Park, that's how good we felt there. At some point we took some pictures, so part of the story goes like this.

Tudor seems to be a promising photographer. He took the next 2 photos:

We even caught the change of guards, which C watched in fascination. It was a first for him so he asked a lot of questions around it.

Right about the time I was taking this last picture and we were leaving the park , a very interesting conversation started. I didn' t catch the beginning, just this part:
        - I will never be the boss, not even when I grow up, says a very upset Tudor, cause Cristian is always patronizing him.
        - You'll never know. Mom, did you want to be a boss? Cristian asks.
        - Not really.
        - See, Tudor? Sometimes you wish for something and it doesn't happen and other times you don't and it happens.

And sometimes you wish for something and it happens. Cristian and Tudor happened for me and happiness has followed ever since.

P.S. Night of the Museums 201320142015  and the first time we visited the museum

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