8 April 2016

Spring clean-up. Time to say goodbye, bags!

This year we transitioned from winter to summer. As much as I like the unusually warm weather, I miss spring. I need some spring in my life with its traditional clean-up.

Being stranded at home with one ill kido, I started to revisit all my storage spaces in the house. My bags have a home of their own now and I couldn't be more thrilled about it. I tried to follow the Marie Kondo "philosophy" for tidying up:
  • gather all bags from all over the places where I used to store them;
  • ask the darn good question "Does it spark any joy?" in order to decide what to keep;
  • store everything worth keeping in one place with each bag having a place of its own.
As much as I love to collect bags I don't see a point in having 2 small red bags or 2 big brown ones. I kept the ones I like more, on the right side of the collage, and found a good home for the other 2. I trust somebody else will take them out and enjoy these 2 as much as I will enjoy the ones I kept. Same goes with 2 backpacks. And another bag that was too damaged to be given away.

I am on to my shoes now, but I admit I am way better at editing them year round. Most probably because I am not as attached to them as I am to my bags. The real challenge will be the toys which are really all over the house. But, somehow, I have to take control of the house rather than let the toys conquer all. Wish me luck !

Good luck, back at you! Hope you have a good clean-up this spring!

 P.S. other clean-up tips for the closet and beauty products


  1. I love KonMari method, I read the book and can't wait to start cleaning my wardrobe. :)

    1. I read it, too. And her question is really worth the money. Excellent check point!