10 April 2016

Is your personal style work in progress, too?

- Mom, you' re a girl, pink is in your nature! (Ro: Esti fata, e in firea ta rozul! ). That's what Cristian said when I told him I prefer Lego sets for boys over the "Friends" ones I found too colorful. 

The truth is I used to be a pink girl in my early 20s. I even had a pale pink wedding dress although I planned for a white one. As years went by, my life got complicated and my outfits simpler. Duller. I realized that a few months back, so I set my mind to rediscover my playful side. Maybe this is why I got so psyched about the photo above. At first, it may seem too much if you look at the details separately: patterns, jewelry, bag accessories, scarves. However, the overall looks stunning. That's what I call personal style. To have the eye and the fashion sense to mix and match in a new pleasant way. A way that represents you and at the same time sets you apart from the crowd.

Interesting makeup with a monochrome outfit is another example. I'm keeping this photo below as reference for the future and there are a lot of other interesting examples in this makeup book I recently bought.

Finding your personal style seems even more complicated than finding love, don't you think?! 

What are your style inspirations this spring? Here are 9 steps to define your personal style, if you are still searching, just like me.

P.S. more style inspiration and 12 ways to wear a white shirt

Photo source: the one and only Sartorialist

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