13 March 2016

The Talk

There are these moments, berried deep in the mundane. You know they will eventually come your way, you prepare for them. They only last for about 15 minutes and yet they leave you wander for days after.

Between doing the dishes, cooking I don't know how many meals and other chores, Saturday, between 2.25pm and 2.45pm, I had the talk all parents are dreading. Cristian started asking me about babies a week ago and he was also curious to know what sex is. On the spot, I only told him that gender is also called sex: me being a female and him being a male. I said I need to buy a book in order to explain more. Days later he reminded me that I have to buy a book about babies and one about sex. And I said, surprise, surprise, it's only one book that will cover both. By the frequency of his questions I realized it was time. As soon as I found some spare moments in the weekend, I started researching on-line. I initially wanted to order a book in Romanian but I didn't like what I found. I read an article from Psychologies and continued to search for visual support. I found this video on youtube, The true story about how babies are made, which is made after a book that is around since 1975. I found it simple and honest and that is why I decided to use it. Playing it from the tablet made the experience more familiar since Cristian loves his tablet so much. Tudor was around too but he quickly lost interest and went to grab some toys.

The conversation went on smoothly. I translated everything in the video and paused from time to time to answer Cristain's questions and provide little details of my own. When the video finished Cristian retold me the entire story, I guess he just wanted to make sure he got everything right. The only tough question came after the video, when Cristian asked me to show him where babies came out at birth. I told him that grown ups are private about their genitals and pointed him back to the video. 

I didn't get any additional questions ever since, proof that his curiosity is put to rest for now. Phew, I did it!

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