1 January 2016

My 3 words for 2016

The forth time I am doing this, I can't imagine starting a new year without these words on my mind. I don't think about them every day throughout the year, obviously, but since I started writing them in plain sight last year, every time I see them, I feel I gain focus once again.

This year I only picked 1 word with its 3 meanings that I really want to keep on my mind in 2016:


On the outside, I need to be light. Truth be told, sometimes I take it on my body with more food than I actually need, just for the eating pleasure alone. It's not healthy and I don't like the way my body is shaping because of that. I need to eat light in order to feel light.

On the inside, light means peace of mind, love, kindness, generosity. Light is ever growing so the more light I shed on others, the more I have for myself.

Overall, I want to light up my life. In 2015 I fell off the creative wagon. I had less time for writing, less time for me. I need to light up a spark, be more authentic, more passionate about the things I do. Some little adventures wouldn't hurt either.

I wish 2016 will light up your life, too! Make 2016 a tale you can proudly share with the ones around you!

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