7 January 2016

Especially for her

I am not a feminist. I do believe women need to work harder to prove themselves, but this is what makes us stronger. With more responsibilities comes more pressure and more guilt. We may not have a bank account as full as men do, but a smart woman knows that bank accounts don't come with a happiness warranty.

Anyways, I have my good days and my bad days, and on those bad days I want to turn to these 2 beautiful conversations I can't get enough of:

"My religion, my practice is the truth"

On personal life: How hard is it being a wife and a mom. Jada Pinkett Smith is talking to her daughter, Willow, and her mom. The follow up conversation they had is so beautifully candid. The princess has spoken !
"You have to be responsible for your own happiness"

Chin up, girls! You are extraordinaire!

I was wandering, where do you go for fuel on a bad day?!

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