8 January 2016

Cristian on make-up, his crush and more

After seeing the 'Black or White' video of Michael Jackson for the first time, Cristian concludes:
- Michael, you are the craziest (man) on the planet. Crazy in the head ( ro: cel mai nebun dupa planeta, nebun cu capul)

Speaking about his crush: S is more beautiful than gold.

When I see her I punch myself in my mind because my eyes are stuck on her (ro :imi dau un pumn in gand pentu pentru ca mi se opresc ochii la ea)

When I tell her to put his jacket on the hanger:
- My mind is kind of bored with this habit ( ro: mi se cam plictiseste mintea cu obiceiul asta)

When I ask him how much is 9 +6 he replies:
- I don't care!

He initially thought that a herd is a group of cherries because of the Romanian similarity between the words herd- cireada and cherry - cireasa.

In Romania, when we make a toast, we say good luck so Cristian thinks about it and says:
- It's sort of like you give your luck to the person you clink glasses with and that person gives you his luck.

The one from last night, my favorite right now:

Cristian and I are brushing our teeth when he sees my blush brush:
- Mom, can I try this?
- Yes, you can , I said especially since there was no blush on it.
- It's that stuff ...you put it on and in case you are tired or sad people think you are happy.

A smile a day keeps the doctor away!

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