29 January 2016

Cantacuzino Castle

Guernica, Picasso

On our way back home from the mountains we stopped at Cantacuzino Castle. Right now the castle houses a Picasso art exhibition and I really didn't want to miss this wonderful combination. I was a little bit worried about how the kids would take it, the art exhibition I mean. Silly me, I feel guilty and blessed at the same time whenever the boys show me I should never doubt them again.

The story goes like this: we were walking though the beautiful garden towards the entrance of the castle. I was holding Tudor's hand in my hand, because there was a lot of snow and the stairs were slippery. In front of us there was this huge copy of the famous painting above covering one of the castle's walls. Tudor looked at it and said: "Mom, I like this  drawing a lot". I only told them we were going to visit a castle and never mentioned about the art inside so I was really happy to be given the opportunity to build up his enthusiasm by saying we were going to see a lot more beautiful drawings inside. 

Cristian and Tudor were both quite receptive of the beauty surrounding us and they took a lot of pictures. The first part, the castle, is through my eyes, but the Picasso part is totally through Cristian's eyes. He really enjoyed it and was very perceptive of the meaning of all things on display. He got everything right despite Picasso's talent for abstraction.

This last butterfly was Cristian's favorite whereas I found the bullfight series very powerful. I really hope they will keep their creativity alive while growing up and they will also keep their eyes open for the beauty around us.

A castle a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. my favorite art exhibition last year

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