29 December 2015

Santa is coming to town 2015

The week before winter vacation was packed with parties for my 2 favorite boys in the world. Basically, in a week they had more on their social agenda than what I normally have in , let's say, 6 months. There was a birthday party, and some more parties at: school, afterschool, kindergarten, my workplace and dad's company. I picked one party to freeze these memories in time and have something to go back to when they will go to parties where mom and dad have no place to be at.

This last photo is my favorite, cause it speaks about the happy chaos you can normally enjoy from a small distance on such ocassions.

The party ended with snakes "tattoos" that the boys were so proud of. I am so proud of  Cri and Tud, for no particular reason and I love them to infinity.

A kids' party a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. winter parties 2 years ago,

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