21 November 2015

Un uncomfortable conversation

the triumph of life
Kids, they hit you. When it's physical, it's ok, you may cry and you go on with your life. Like last night when I thought I would remain a one eyed after Cri hit me with a pillow right in the face.

When words hit you by surprise you are left thinking. I was in that place where even kings go alone. Except mothers. Tudor opens the door, stays in the doorway eating from a buiscuit when he asks:

- Will we ever grow old? 
- Which we? I ask stupidly in order to stall and buy me more seconds to think how to answer this one. I was wishfully thinking he might go away.
- Us, mom
- Yes, everybody grows old. For a moment I considered adding that bullshit with staying young inside, but the truth is I don't believe it and I didn't want to prolong an uncomfortable conversation.
- Mom, but that means we are going to die.

I nod in agreement because as hurtful as the truth might be, I never lie to them.
He pauses for a moment and I can only imagine the thoughts going through his cute little head. After a few seconds he resumes:
- Yes, but it is going to take a long time.
- That's right, a long, long time.

He runs to play, I stay to write about it.

Have a long happy life!

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