16 October 2015

If I could teach my kids ONE thing...


Cris is reading to me from the Lego Book, his favorite at the moment:
- ...give free rein to your imagination. What does this mean, mom?
Tough question since imagination is so much more than what we can put into words. After some quick thinking I answer:
- It's about letting your thoughts free and building stories...
- Oh, I get it! You have to open the door to your mind where letters are throwing a party. (Imagination ) it's in the house of my brain. At each party, letters dance and imagine.
My soul dances with joy when he speaks like this.


In the end it's all about building your story brick by brick, with every "letters party" you may have going on in your mind. And in case you need some help in the building department, I'd highly recommend these 3 conversations on creativity and imagination:

People and Lego

If I could teach my kids just one thing, this one thing is curiosity. Happiness is overrated, passion is frustration but curiosity keeps us going and enjoying the ride of life.

The wonderful thing about Lego is, although it comes in predefined sets, with time, one starts to build after his own ideas. That is what Cristian is doing these days.  The wanderful thing about people is, although we are thought the same thing, with time, we start to create our own thoughts and stories. What we create on our own is what defines us.

For curiosity, sky is the limit. For joy, curiosity is key.

A curiosity a day keeps the doctor away!

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