23 October 2015

I want to throw a tantrum

Today I want to be 3. Or 2. Or whatever age a toddler is. I need to be that age where it is socially acceptable to throw a tantrum, in the most violent, loud and embarrassing way. Embarrassing for the ones around me that is, cause for me, it would be a dream come true.

Where did I get all these?! you may ask. Where shall I start?! I will surely answer. To make a long story short I have 3 men in the house who take turns in whining about whatever. Not to mention the dog and the cat who express their discontent in a loud way too, sometimes. I do realize it is humanly/dogly/catly to do so, I am disturbed about my attitude of always trying to be the mature one. Always trying to understand and support them. Cause I really understand why one would like to linger in bed as opposed to going to school/work for example. BUT, what about me? I really feel I should get my ass on the floor and throw a tantrum. Tudor has thought me all about tantrums so I am sure I would throw one "by the book" and feel new again afterwards....

This morning, I leave the house with this thought haunting me. As I pass the kids' hospital I see a mother holding a kid in her arms and for a second I think I am so lucky that my kids are well and healthy. I hushed this thought away cause I am not ready to let go of the one thing I would like to do today. A few minutes later, Enter Sandman is on the radio and it's the perfect song for my mood.

However, I still want to throw a tantrum so that the 3 men in my life plus a dog and a cat eat their whining just like I eat mine everyday when they complain about everything to me.

A tantrum a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. in case you don't know a tantrum is an outburst of frustration through screaming, crying and hitting, common among small kids.

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