29 October 2015

Halloween preparation - army of ghosts

Halloween, here we go again. Actually we stay and Halloween comes to us, we are just making sure to meet and greet it properly. We have a few decorations in the living room, Cristian did some crafts and the pumpkin will be carved tomorrow. In addition to this, the nicest part was building an army of Ghosts with the boys. They are lollipops in spooky disguise, I wrapped them, Tudor provided the napkins and Cristian painted their face. The preparation and anticipation is most of the times better than the celebration itself. That's how I remember the special days we celebrated while I was little. Anyways Halloween is new to us, here in Romania, but who doesn't like one more reason to celebrate?!

Have a spooky Halloween wherever you are!

P.S. Tudor is adorable while he plays he remembers what he learnt in his English class and from time to time he says: I am spooky! And Halloween 3 years ago

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