6 October 2015

Feeling extraordinary in an ordinary day

Let it be stated for the record that today, the 5th of October, I was a superwoman.

My day involved: the dishwasher, the washing machine, the vacuum cleaner, bathing the boys, cooking dinner (pork and grilled mushrooms with cheese, yummy!), cleaning the house, working full time, having lunch with my best friend.

A new episode of “The Good Wife” is out there but I had to say no. I planned on writing directly on my computer but I chose to write on paper with a pen (my lost &found pleasure) to protect my eyes from late exposure to the screen.

With all the does and don’ts of my day I feel I nailed it. Just today. Today I was a superwoman and I am proud of me!

When were you last proud of yourself? Did you take the time to acknowledge the powerhouse you are?

P.S. on happiness and gaps that lead to where we want to be

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