14 September 2015

Weekend update - another beginning

Tomorrow, school starts here in Romania, so we are excited for yet another beginning. Especially Cristian who is very eager to see his class and his teacher after 3 months of vacation.

This weekend was very good and the most notable part was teaching Tudor how to chew gum. Apparently it's on mom's infinite job description. It was so cute! I had to really give him tips and tricks cause otherwise he was all about " Why can't I swallow it". It was fun especially since I felt a little bit guilty about doing this. But it's also on mom's job description to have fun with her kids. Which we did morning till afternoon.

In the mornings I try to make the breakfast special. Saturday it was chicory coffee with the kids, which they love cause this way they get to drink what mom's drinking. And Sunday it was guava jem with home made bread. It was delicious. Thank you, Di!

Afternoons were busy with a birthday party followed by a fun in the park on Sanday. It was then when I noticed for the first time that autumn is here. And the joy I felt while picking up chestnuts with Cristian was an excellent opportunity for the kid in me to come out and play.

How was your weekend?

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. other fall memories: Harvest Fest and in Herastrau

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