4 September 2015

The sweetest words

by Cristian

9.30 pm is my favorite hour of the day now. I have a built in clock that ticks and tells me to call my boys since they are at my parents' house in Pitesti.

We start by sharing stories about how we spent the day and basically it's the same short story every day: I went to work and they had tons of fun. Which is the way it should be and I am really greatful for the summer they had. While I enjoy the closeness I feel when speaking over the phone , I must admit the best part is the end. They tell me tens of times  " pa, noapte buna, te iubesc!" ( "by, good night, I love you!") or more recently "noapte buna, te iubesc, te pup!" ("good night, I love you, bye!"). I love you is always there, because love is always here. The distance does' t make any difference.

From a distance, I can feel the love. They are the closest to my heart, no matter where they are physically. They are the MiniMes I put into the world enhanced with the traits of the man I love. They are the ones that really make me feel complete.

Tomorrow Cristian and Tudor are coming home, so I am ready and excited to enjoy my life wholeheartedly once again.

A love phone a day keeps the doctor away! 

P.S. some of the funny things my kids say

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