15 September 2015

How we spent the first day of school

It was the first day of school here so all the kiddos went to school/kindergarten. Mine did too and it was nice but the different things that we did today made the day even nicer.
Cristian saved the life of a caterpillar, they both rode a sweeper and I was the one suggesting the ride in the first place when I saw the abandoned sweeper in the street.

The day started with flowers and smiles. Both C and T were happy to be back with their friends and teachers:

I love all the looks on Cristian's face. You can easily see how many emotions reflected outside are coming deep from the inside.

 Some fun in the park on our way to the kindergarten...

Tudor seemed calmer and was happy cause I picked him before afternoon nap time:

With this picture above it was perfect timing. Tudor looks like carrying Cristian in his backpack. Can you spot Cristian's head "popping" out of the backpack?

Cristian loves all the creatures of the Earth so he felt very good taking one caterpillar from the middle of the street. He even wanted to bring it home, but I explained that our home was not a proper home for it. To my surprise after we got home, I noticed there was a caterpillar in our balcony. I really don't know how it got there cause we got mosquito nets at the windows. Anyways, when I showed it to Cristian he thought I decided to bring the one he saved home.

Finally, right before bedtime, I thought Cristian how to pack his bag for the following day. He got his first pen today and when I tried it, just to show him how it works, I felt shivers down my spine. There was pleasure from the good times when I learnt how to write and use it, and excitement for the future, when I will watch Cristian do the same. And to make things even better, Cristian and I shared our fascination for the correction pen. I told him that, when I was his age, that pen felt a little bit like magic cause it made the ink disappear. He initially thought the ink disappearing from the page goes from the correction side to the other side so you can use for writing over. It is interesting to find out how things work but believing in magic is what makes our life more interesting.

Cristian rescued the caterpillar and considered himself a little hero; he saw the correction pen and thought it was magical. Wouldn't it be nice if school would teach kids to be heroes in order to save the world and to believe in magic to save themselves?!

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. first day of school last year

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