26 August 2015

On repeat - my summer songs 2015

Truth be told, there are days when my soul weighs on me and others when I'm cheerfully day-dreaming about butterflies in my stomach. There's a song for each state of mind, or better said, each state of soul. My soul...

For the bad days there are TV series for mindless watching. Recently it was True Detectives season 2. I found it intriguing and the last episode was really good if you ask me. Some say it was " the year's most passionately disliked show", I say the opening credits really stuck with me and I am listening to Nevermind on repeat ever since. And all the other songs in the series are excellent too, all sung by Lera Lynn: The Only Thing Worth Fighting For , Lately , My Least Favorite Life and more . Definitely not for the happy times, yet really really great.

For the summery heated days, there is always Major Lazer.  And Powerful , with Ellie Goulding, really feels powerful to me ... It's the most inviting song, the one that makes me dream, the one that makes me smile and takes me to a happy place where butterflies still exist in my stomach. Don't get me wrong, I love my real place, but I do miss that electricity, that energy, to the moon and back.....

What are you listening to this summer?

Later edit: for perfect vacation days in the middle of nowhere: Waves and  See you again

P.S. some more music

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